Thursday, July 28, 2005


"I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day."

- EB White

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Remedy For Rape!

Any man who dares to abuse a woman should be hung upside down, repeatedly whipped and beaten with wooden clubs, burned with cigarette butts, branded with soldering irons, and have his genitals ripped off.

Courtesy: Chinese torture


Ringing doorbells, shrilling telephones, screaming kids – nothing seems to move the current day Indian family away from the television, when their favorite serial is on! In an age where every morsel of food that enters our system is accounted for in our calorie chart, how is that we do not catalog what we subject our minds to?

Sparing households, cheating spouses, unnecessary emotional battles and unending tears seem to be the link which holds the viewers glued to the soaps, which seems to play incessantly from morning till late night! In-between all the upheavals in these fictional families, who has time for one’s own?

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Wanna watch a movie?

Drug-runners, wife-beaters, pedophiles, gun-toting-coke heads in real lives, but heroes for the masses because of their screen persona! Wait, I left out animal killers and mass-murderers from the list!

Short of screaming from roof tops, our 'esteemed' Bollywood brigade has done everything to proclaim their alliance to the mafia or gangsters or terrorists or whatever it is that people or media want to call them! And we are small-minded enough to still flock to the theaters to watch their movies, clap at their antics, throw our hard-earned money to the same goons who come back and kill our kin! Hey, that's like contributing or having a hand in the murder of our own. Inteeresting!

It’s been common knowledge that most movies are produced by the underworld, but that does not stop the millions who watch them, sometimes not just once, but 5-6 times! Most of the shows that are produced abroad have been financed by these gangsters and they are oversold!

Next time when there is a bomb blast in India, I hope you realise that you had as much part in that as Dawood or Shakeel or Rajan or whoever!

Friday, July 15, 2005


Isn't life like a puzzle which we put together one piece at a time! Generally, we start solving the puzzle from the border working inwards. Once the border is defined, we are left with filling in the rest of the picture.

Sometimes, we have all the pieces for the border, but it’s still hard to put them together without trying to mate each and every one of them, or just wait until we can get a better idea of the picture. Biggest difference between puzzle and life - we have a picture to begin with in the puzzle!

Initially our lives are defined by our parents. Then we slowly start building ourselves looking at our friends, teachers and classmates. But, until we leave home and start out on our own, we are just extensions of our parents and home environment.

When stepping out for the first time from the folds of our childhood, most of us try to stick to the ideals upheld and taught at home, until we realise that, everything can also be worked out differently and there is a lot of grey area in between the black and the white! Everything that we learn and absorb helps us define ourselves and brings out our individuality. Circumstances also play a part in this process. Aided by our foundation and our new thinking capacity, we start ‘forming’ ourselves for the best fit.

This is when cracks start forming in the ‘perfect’ relationship that we have with our parents, when we strain to step away from their mold. This looms large especially if this growing up process happens in a far-away land and when we go home after an extended time away!

But, for all this new-found freedom and development, a few years later, finds us going back to the same pattern or mold that was set by our background and parents, especially when it comes to all the major decisions in our lives!

So maybe, just maybe, life too has a picture for us to identify with, just like the puzzle!!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Are you real?

Every day we play a multitude of roles - sister, daughter, friend, co-worker, neighbor. In all this, who is the real person? Hardly do we show the real self to most of these people. In fact we do not dare to show our real feelings even to the person we are closest to!

Do you dare to show the real self to yourself?

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Jolly good fun

Isn't it interesting to hop from one blog to another, getting into the heads of various bloggers, reading their innermost thinking, without having to meet or talk to them in-person? Better still, virtually meeting all these new people, spread out all over, spilling their day-to-day activities, which we (complete strangers) pick up and hold dear.

Waiting for comments from people whom you might pass on the street without second glance, lapping up their personal view-point with rapt attention, holding your breath to see what the other person thinks of the movie that you loved or the book that you are currently reading!

Oh Boy, what a thrill!

Come on my fellow bloggers, let's go around opening doors that lead us into the myriad minds...

Where is the pride?

Within hours of the suicide bombing killing three people, government of Israel has committed itself to getting back at Palestine and treating the matter very seriously.

Compare that with the scenario that plays out in India, during last weeks attacks! We are in complete denial of things that stares at us in the eye. Why do we not see what is so obvious? Why is that India is so sure that Pakistan will meet us half way and are interested in the 'peace' (??) talks? What indication has Pakistan ever given to indicate their interest in long-term peace in the valley and the rest of the subcontinent?

Last time he came, India showered him with praise and laid down its bats to salute him, and he said - "Think out of the box". He flips-flops and Indian government jumps the rope even before he blinks!!

Wake up and smell the rot - we are talking about the engineer of Kargil war. Not some lame duck that needs cuddling!

Monday, July 11, 2005

3+ kids anybody?

Does it make sense for India to limit on the number of kids that Indians can have? Why did we come up with "We two, ours two", when there are particular communities that are bent upon breeding like rabbits?

And why is that family's which can very well afford to have more than one, don't? Especially with the amount of growth that Muslims seems to be having in their numbers (illegal immigrations contributes too), why is that only the Hindu families limit the number of their off-springs?

Some of the reasons that I can come up with at the drop off a hat -
  • Loss of career for the women
  • Affordability
  • Time - Early marriage becomes a requirement
  • Health concerns (for women)
Of course most of these are concerns for women and women alone. Especially with the ratio of women to men so reduced today, taking the number of women who do not want to get married and the number that marry 'out of religion' (Food for thought: Hindu women marry Muslim men; vice versa spells doom for the whole Hindu community), it is very pertinent that Hindu women, especially who are concerned about such things, should maybe start to give it some thought!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Get out!

Good riddance to bad garbage! India must have spent crores of Rupees and lost thousands of lives, not to mention the misery and heart-break of countless families, for the cause of a people who don’t need it in the first place! Why? To pander to the whims and fancies of 'Mahatma' Gandhi and Mr. Skirt Chaser Nehru, who have taught us to bend down our heads and get whipped as much as we can take it standing, before bending down and licking the boots of our esteemed neighbors and our Muslim brethren of Kashmir!

Mr. Syed Ali Shah Geelani, the leader of the Hurriyat, told during the Sri Sri Ravi Shankar' s gathering at
Kashmir that peace in Kashmir will happen when India removes its 10 lakh security personnel.

Let's just do that. Let's stop providing them with all the funds that allow them to make a statement like that. Why should we put up with these ungrateful, discontented usurpers, when there are countless others who require our attention and care?