Friday, April 29, 2005


How shameful it is to read that the same police who are there to protect are the ones whom we should be fearing from? It shows the amount of lawlessness that prevails in India, a country which we want to be a developed nation as soon as we can get there.

Its so easy to go to the other end of the spectrum and say - Hmm India is never going to develop, never will improve, we are all doomed. The task of 'saving' India, so to speak, seems humongous. But it need not be so. It is in each one of us Indians to change something small around us that will help our country in the long run.

Lets start at home and move onwards. We Indians, know exactly how to care take of ours and our own. Start thinking of your street that way. You live there, it's as much yours as your home/flat. Stand up against the injustice that prevails in our society. Each of our voice can be heard if we can join together.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Lalu, Modi and Me

We had a train crash. As many as 20 people lost their lives. And what makes news - Lalu’s car stoned; blames Modi, Lalu stoned after 16 die in Gujarat crash.

Unfortunately, I am very slow and dense; who should I be feeling sorry for here - our Honorable Railway Minister, who has single-handedly destroyed Bihar or the poor passengers whose biggest mistake was to purchase tickets on the trains run by our government?

Or Modi whose name gets dragged into cos he is the easiest we can blame - Hey, I forgot to have breakfast this morning, because I was up late last night reading a news report on Modi, hence I woke up late and din't have time for breakfast before work! All Modi's fault.