Thursday, August 05, 2004

Do we care?

From rejecting the mercy plea to Nafisa’s suicide, from is Mallika posing in playboy to should Lalu be given so much print space, from who the ‘real’ PM of India is to are the techies of today having a life, everything is being debated by all and sun-dry, for and against, whether it makes sense or is a bag of garbage. Some of the pieces which are being hashed and re-hashed by the media leaves ones head spinning, for they make no sense whatsoever to what it has to done with you and me in our day-today existence.

A man rapes and snuffs the life out of a 14 year old girl deserves something more than just hanging. Maybe there is a sense of justice in the public-flogging which criminals where subjected to before they were hanged in medieval times. Instead we have famous personalities using their fame to cry for the ‘unfairness’ done to a human life. My first question to them is how can you call him ‘human’ and then use the same word to describe yourself too? What is more disgusting is that police protection is being given to the family of Chatterjee so that they do not commit suicide as a protest against the injustice!! Wonder where their sense of justice was when their son was abusing an innocent life.

Miss. India 19** committed suicide. She was depressed. I am sure there that there are none who have not heard of this news yet. By the way do you know how many farmers have done the same act this year? And what the response from the government has been regarding this sad fact. But who cares about the farmers when there is interesting debates like – Was she epileptic? Was her fiancé divorced or not yet? What was the color of the dupatta she used to hang herself?

It is shameful that an educated woman doing something so cowardly makes front page news but not the situation of crores of people who are struggling for survival. When we have thousands of unmanned, non-gated railway tracks which kill hundreds of people every year, we have a railway minister who questions the presence of pictures of worship in the stationmasters’ chambers! There are villages where there is no rail service but we are more worried about how tea is being served in the canteen and on the trains!! Has anybody asked him if every passenger who has a valid confirmed ticket gets his promised berth/seat?

Why are we more curious to know about the silly antics of our illiterate members of the parliament than to find out about why the black hole theory proposed by one of our scientist was not given recognition? Why does public linen washing by the so called stars of the film industry get more ink then the soldiers who fight for us in the in-human terrain in the valley? Why is that people can spend a whole week mourning for the death of a silly chit of a model and not for lives of innocent men, women and children killed by anti-social elements, terrorists?

We have more pressing problems in India, which could use the attention of the media and others. Like we either have droughts or floods, both extremes. Until last week, we were complaining on the lack of monsoon and now we have people dying due to rains. As of today the count on the loss of lives only in North India is 11. Isn’t this more worthy of our thought process then wondering whether Mallika Sherawat will pose for the playboy or not?