Tuesday, December 14, 2004


When media gripes about how people are not treated the same by law, I can't but see the irony staring right back at the face of the journalists - Does the media treat all persons the same? The murder of innocent sleeping street dwellers in Bombay is brushed under the carpet because the killer happens to be a famour movie star. The murder of a poetess has been allowed to disappear from the memory of the public because the accused belong to a ruling party. The slaying of the black bucks has been burried under the gushings of the stars latest media antics at one of the countless bashful ceremonies. And then the media has the gall to complain that the Seer has been treated more than what is right and fair than a common criminal because he is attended to by a team of highly trained doctors everyday. Mind you, nobody has shown as of now any evidence of his criminal activities.

In almost all the high socirty cases that have been brought to the attention of the public, it has been amptly clear that the law and the media does not mete the same treatment to one and all.

Sunday, December 12, 2004


I am so glad that India is a secular country and Hinduism is broad that all of us can safely continue on in our small 'worlds' without being affected in anyway by the vulgar happenings in Kanchipuram. We have all been blessed that none of our families have been affected in anyway and most importantly, although all of us have visited and prostrated before JS at one time or the other, we are able continue on in our day to day things without the least care to what happens to him, the mutt, our temples, our priests and our tradition and culture , after all as one of the esteemed persons told me...he is not my guru!!

I am in fact very happy that something like this has happened at Kanchipuram, because it has proved (to me atleast!) that we Brahmins are a selfish and indolent lot. We will flock to JS for advice, get married if and only if he blesses us, but will not stand behind him at a trying time. It has been proved time and again that we (Brahmins) will not raise up for anything come what may.

Bravo! Lets maintain this tradition and chant another 100 Vishnu Sahasranamams for our continued well being.