Friday, December 30, 2005

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Fate or Force?

Everybody, at least most, by now might have read the news about the ‘forced’ conversion of three Hindu sisters in Pakistan. Ironically, in the Middle East, Christian women are being sexually harassed or raped and forcibly converted to Islam. Christian men are tortured and jailed, just because of their religion.

In India today, we have more of the sucular (sic) people, who are forever proclaiming how the ‘minorities’ are affected and need more reservations, now even in private schools!! For all those people – take note. Few years down the line (it’s not that far away, you know!!), Hindus in India are going to be in for the same treatment.

It’s happening even today, but with more funding being provided to the 'Indian' Madrassas, by stealing from the temples, we are all contributing to this forced conversion. Add to this the decrease in the number of Hindus, infiltration through India’s porous borders & the willing conversions for love, the day when Hindus are going to become a rarity seems quite inevitable!!

In case, you need more proof, have you heard of Kashmiri Pandits?

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Team India!!!

Ganguly making it back to the Indian teams tells us how 'strong' the left is and how much influence politics has in India!

Says a lot about how much competence of a player is important for him to stay on the team! This reinstates the reason why I think just watching and investing time in the Indian cricket team is totally worthless and waste of our precious time.