Sunday, April 02, 2006

Irony, indeed!

'Saint' Sonia - A saint because she is responsible for spending our hard earned tax payers' money on her 'reelection'!

Outlook India - How is that the same magazine which wrote pages and pages on how India was actually in the dumps, when BJP came up with the 'India Shining' has had a complete turn around in a matter of two years, to have a cover page edition of 'India Smiling'?

And sure my dear brothers and sisters, India is surely smiling, when over 400 farmers have committed suicide at Vidarbha, Maharashtra.

But then, with the Lakme fashion week and Saint Sonia, who needs to think about farmers and their misery! Summer = farmers suicide. Monsoons = flood deaths. Year after year after year! Just like cricket matches. It's always happening at some place!