Monday, October 16, 2006

Who am I?

In a way, I admire all the Muslim associations in and around US for their attitude in promoting their religion the past few years. They have conducted seminars, open forums, open house and many other such activities that show that their religion is not about hatred and killing.

It takes something more than belief to be proud of who you are and what makes you, you. Sadly, the pride in ourselves is quite lost in many. There are so many attributes to be proud of, but I find that many take more effort to disassociate themselves from who they are!

Today, there is a whole generation of Indians who identify themselves more with other countries than with India. We talk better English than an Englishman and have no idea how to converse/read/write our mother tongue. When asked about creation, most say Adam & Eve and forget Brahma, Siva & Vishnu.

But, why is that Muslim women around the world are adopting wearing a hijab (even) in countries where they are not forced?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Slaughter India

Hurriyat leaders Sajjad Lone said Afzal's execution will have a spillover effect in the Valley and claimed that he did not get a 'fair trial' to prove his innocence in the high-profile case - "If he was not guilty and still his son becomes an orphan because he did not have a defense, who will take the responsibility?"

Afzal's family, which met him, has said that he was not willing to submit any clemency petition and the family members could do as their own initiative.

Where is your pride, India? He attacked the highest representative of our democracy, and “hanging him will be a stigma on Indian democracy”?

Ms. Roy, if somebody rapes you, will you invite him home for dinner?