Saturday, June 25, 2005

Madam & her 'Blessings'

Have to really applaud Madam Sonia for her humanitarian efforts to clean her blooddied hands of the slaughter of thousands of Sikhs during the riots of '84, by just being there for the Rajasthan farmers in the time of their 'need'. She is truly trying her best to be anointed as a Saint by being so selfless in 'her magnanimity' in providing relief to the needy. And she surely seems to be raking in a lot more popularity votes than our esteemed Good Doctor, who seems to having a tough time just holding on to his PM crown!

Just wondering where she was when our Jawans died in Bangladesh, or when farmers commit suicide due to drought or families are lost during flooding? One of the first agenda on the UPA government was to stop the river linking project, followed closely by the toxication of our History! Shouldn't be too surprised if our kids soon start learning that the reason for our existence is to serve the goras, the Muslims and missionaries, who save our souls!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

My Stand

I have been having a quiet site so far, where I was airing all my 'articles' which wouldn't have seen the light of the day otherwise...and I can see that my last blog on the techies seem to have rustled up some attention.

Feminism is supposed to mean equality of the sexes and has a very unfortunate tag attached to it because of the actions of few who have taken it to a level where they have forgotten what it is to be feminine at all. But, I can also see why it had gotten to a point, where it had to rear its ugly head.

India is a predominantly male dominated society, where the biggest MC's (Male Chauvinists) are women themselves. After years of being ill-treated and abused for various reasons, we are supposed to have laws which protect women from their abusers! And I would still term 498a as one, which was drafted for such a purpose. And, like our other laws that have been raped and misused due to avarice, this has 'deteriorated' today.

Unfortunately, all laws seem to 'help' only the people who want it to be misused. We live in a country where the law enforcement is called only when we are in dire straits, for in most cases, they are the perpetuators for most crimes.

The section 498a provides an explanation that elaborates the meaning of cruelty as follows:

a) any willful conduct which is of a nature as is likely to drive the woman to commit suicide or to cause grave injury or danger to her life, limb, or health (whether physical or mental) of the woman; or

b) harassment of the woman where such harassment is with a view to coercing her or any person related to her to meet any unlawful demand for any property or valuable security or is on account of failure by her or any person related to her to meet such demand.

PS: I am not a 'feminist'. But, I am an independent, thinking woman who believes in standing up for what I believe in and consider both sexes equal, with their own appealing factors and natures.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Techies in Bangalore Attack Feminism

As much as I can 'understand' why there is an animosity towards feminism in India, I will not support this move of the techies because of the far more atrocities that are being done against women in our country. Especially
  • when a teenager was raped by a cop in Mumbai,
  • when a rapist is allowed to 'propose' marriage to the lady he raped in order to avoid punishment (I felt that he should have been given a second sentence just for making that proposal),
  • when literate women are still being abused for dowry (what then to say abt illiterates),
  • when a lady (not sure if she was a social worker or MLA or something like that) had her arm cut off for protesting against child marriage in MP,
and the list goes on. In the midst of all this, if men don't know, let me rephrase that, if educated men do not know how to 'handle' ;-), or shall we say settle their differences with their spouses, then they (I want to say) 'kind of deserve what they get'. *kidding*

How is that these same techies were so quiet when their mothers and aunts were being abused a few years ago, and have suddenly grown voices to protest against - of all things - feminism?

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Today on the National Public Radio (NPR, USA) I heard a report on the death of a 22 year old Marine from Washington was killed on Memorial Day (30th May). It was a very emotional piece, complete with a reading of a letter written by a 12 year old, for whom the Marine used to baby-sit. It almost moved me to tears and also got me thinking about what an insensitive country I come from.

Insensitive because many many of our country men and women lose their lives everyday – either safe-guarding us or maintaining law and order for us; lose their lives mainly because of our government and none of us, supposedly their brothers and sisters, don’t mourn for them. We don’t even spare them a moment, for their supreme sacrifice. Is it because our media does not care to inform us, or we just don’t care and hence our media doesn’t care either, meaning are we so immune because of our large population that loss of a few lives everyday does not matter to anyone but the immediate family?

Insensitive towards the thousands of Kashmiri Pandits treated as refugees in their own homeland, rendered homeless and helpless due to senseless acts of terror. They have been treated as second class citizens, prosecuted and pushed out of their homeland because of the love-affair with Pakistan and affinity towards vote-bank politics.

Insensitive towards thousands of our Jawans who have lost their lives for an almost senseless cause! Senseless because of the subservient attitude of our politicians towards the same people who are responsible for their deaths – our enemies! For every soldier who lays down his live, we have ten so-called leaders licking the soles of the enemy generals.

The marine who lost his life two weeks ago fought for something he believed in, for something that his country believes in today. And he is aptly grieved for by his parents, his friends, city, state and country. Will such a day dawn for India, a day when every Indian realizes the worth of human lives of our own country men and women? A day dawn, when all of us raise ourselves as one to fight against our common enemy who is back-stabbing us and marring our path to peace and happiness? A day dawn when we stand united for our religion and take pride in our culture without bending down to please others and follow their ways just to gain popularity?