Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Indeed Protest!

I have just one question for all those who took to the streets in India to protest over the cartoon – Name the cartoonist and show me the country he came from on the world map?

Before our government decided to send a note placating the Imams and Mullahs in the world, I wonder, if they had taken a minute to see to the hundreds of civil problems that every single city and village in India faces – Who is going to fix the street lamps that miscreants decided to break during their last unrest? Or fix the glass windows that they decided to stone because it had the audacity to be in their chosen path, that day? Or jail the man who decided to shoot a ‘pretty young thing’ of a bartender because she decided to follow the bar and shut it down at the ‘government regulated time’(!!)?

O how about protesting against men peeing by the road sides? Or for the government to set up/maintain public restrooms! Of course, that way, we can give the ‘protestors’ more targets for destruction the next time something happens to raise their ire.

The list can go on to include the raped women, maimed children, affected families of the countless ‘wars’ that we can see on out streets everyday in any city/village, India.

But then, consider our poor policemen…how many places can they be at any given time? How can they protect innocent citizens, when they have their hands full in protecting our glitzy brothers and sisters of our cine industry? They have to protect Salman from the fans who want to prevent him going to jail for killing the endangered buck. Who cares about those four-legged animals anyway!! Protect Sonia & her family because they are our ‘first family’. And of course protect Manisha because some foolish journalist decided to publish that she had named her dog Mustaffa! So what if she did…how many dogs are named Mani after all. Neither the dog nor anybody else protests or takes the time to protest.

Maybe, just maybe that’s the reason why the UPA is being so suculur…so that they can take all these jobless muslims who have the time and energy to protest and create such unrests away from the streets and provide them with education or jobs so that, like the Hindu’s, they will also become self-absorbed and self-centered!

So my dear fellow country men and women; sit back and enjoy everyday with your friends and family. As long as the rioters don’t target your house, rape your daughter, slaughter your son or burn you, you are safe. Who cares if it’s a cartoon or nude Saraswathi, you are doing just fine.