Wednesday, June 22, 2005

My Stand

I have been having a quiet site so far, where I was airing all my 'articles' which wouldn't have seen the light of the day otherwise...and I can see that my last blog on the techies seem to have rustled up some attention.

Feminism is supposed to mean equality of the sexes and has a very unfortunate tag attached to it because of the actions of few who have taken it to a level where they have forgotten what it is to be feminine at all. But, I can also see why it had gotten to a point, where it had to rear its ugly head.

India is a predominantly male dominated society, where the biggest MC's (Male Chauvinists) are women themselves. After years of being ill-treated and abused for various reasons, we are supposed to have laws which protect women from their abusers! And I would still term 498a as one, which was drafted for such a purpose. And, like our other laws that have been raped and misused due to avarice, this has 'deteriorated' today.

Unfortunately, all laws seem to 'help' only the people who want it to be misused. We live in a country where the law enforcement is called only when we are in dire straits, for in most cases, they are the perpetuators for most crimes.

The section 498a provides an explanation that elaborates the meaning of cruelty as follows:

a) any willful conduct which is of a nature as is likely to drive the woman to commit suicide or to cause grave injury or danger to her life, limb, or health (whether physical or mental) of the woman; or

b) harassment of the woman where such harassment is with a view to coercing her or any person related to her to meet any unlawful demand for any property or valuable security or is on account of failure by her or any person related to her to meet such demand.

PS: I am not a 'feminist'. But, I am an independent, thinking woman who believes in standing up for what I believe in and consider both sexes equal, with their own appealing factors and natures.


At Thu Jun 23, 06:42:00 AM, Blogger sathyus said...

hi ramya
i was not sure if you were the same ramya i was thinking u were(duh that statement doesnt even make sense to me!) but u r the ramya from tamu rite? i saw that u had visited my blog and out of curiosity i went to urs... well if u r the same ramy..then HI!!!! hows life???email me ur mail i mean mail me !!wud be nice to catch up!!

At Fri Jun 24, 07:51:00 AM, Blogger monu said...

the thing about some self-respecting women is that some-times they wanted to be treated like a woman as in expecting the doors to be opened and men to stand up when they come in.. i think should stop expecting such allowances..thats when we become equal..its up here in our minds...

thanks for visitng my have a nice one here

At Fri Jun 24, 10:32:00 PM, Anonymous Kannan said...

//Feminism is supposed to mean equality of the sexes//


I think feminism, as an all encompassing movement, has the answer to all kinds of oppressions - gender based and otherwise. Its spirit stems from an urge to fight pre-defined notions, and to aim for an egalitarian society. No egalitariansim would be complete without taking all the issues into consideration. It is unfortunate that feminism exists today in two forms - 'quoted' and unquoted.

Please read articles of Nighat Gandhi and C.S. Lakshmi (which appear from time to time in The Hindu) to get the drift.

Here are a few pointers...


At Sat Jun 25, 01:24:00 AM, Anonymous Alex said...

There is a lot of truth to your views.

I believe in gender equality but hold a slightly diff view on the subject......perhaps I shall put it back on my journal.

You have given me food for thought....will keep you updated on that. It would be interesting swapping views.

At Sat Jun 25, 01:43:00 AM, Anonymous Anirudh said...

Nice post. I don't think that women and men are equal in every sense. We're just born that way.

And what exactly do you mean by a feminist?

At Sat Jun 25, 01:29:00 PM, Blogger RS said...

Thanks Kannan for pointing out some terrific articles. It defines my ‘feminist’ very succulently.

Yes Anirudh, men and women are not 'equal' in every sense. Then we just wouldn't have had yin and yang would we? Earlier we had the concept of gatherer and nurturer, which still exists but the lines have dimmed and blurred to a certain extent, resulting in a blend of harmony in certain cases or has resulted in a purposeless quest of who is better than the other.

Thanks for stopping by Monu & Alex.

At Mon Jun 27, 04:15:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Ramya:
Thanks for reading my article on feminism in the Hindu. I read some of the other comments here on your blog, and I would also like to ask you the question that other readers have already posed in response. What makes you shy away from calling yourself a feminist if you believe in the equality of the sexes?
Just wondering,

At Tue Jun 28, 12:11:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At Sat Jul 02, 07:00:00 AM, Anonymous Alex said...

Hi there

As promised.....i have posted something related to this topic.

Do drop by....


At Sun Jul 03, 10:58:00 AM, Blogger Sumanth said...

Please read, what Shobhaa De has to say about the other extreme of patriarchy.

Shobhaa De on Power Babes


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